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One of the top free apps in the iTunes store this week is Atari’s Greatest Hits.


“Atari’s Greatest Hits brings the best of retro gaming to iOS with 100 Classic Atari Games. This suite brings you the hottest Arcade and 2600 titles from Atari. For those who love the classic gaming experience this handheld breakthrough is sure to guarantee hours of fun.” – From the Press Release


Atari Inc. has enlisted Code Mystics Inc. to develop this application that works equally well on the iPhone and iPad. As stated it is a free app and comes with a shinny interface and PONG.

You can then select from preset packs of 4 games at .99 or purchase the whole collection of 100 games for $14.99. Many games have been enabled with a bluetooth multiplayer feature.


Both classic Atari arcade machine games as well as the venerable 2600’s game collection are well represented in this app. Here is a run down of the game packs.


Asteroid Pack) 1. Asteroid 2. Asteroid Deluxe 3. Asteroids 2600 4. Canyon Bomber – Bluetooth Multiplayer


Battlezone Pack) 1. Battlezone 2. Red Baron 3. Air-Sea Battle – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 4. Submarine Commander


Centipede Pack) 1. Centipede 2. Millipede 3. Centipede 2600 4. Millipede 2600


Black Widow Pack) 1. Black Widow 2. Space Duel – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 3. Desert Falcon 4. Space War


Crystal Castles Pack) 1. Crystal Castles 2. Crystal Castls 2600 3. Surround – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 4. Maze Craze


Gravitar Pack) 1. Gravitar 2. Gravitar 2600 3. Radar Lock 4. Demons to Diamonds – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER


Star Raiders Pack) 1. Star Raiders 2. Liberator 3. Star Ship – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 4. Human Cannonball


Missile Command Pack) 1. Missile Command 2. Missile Command 2600 3. Fun with Numbers 4. Flag Capture – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER


Lunar Lader Pack) 1. Lunar Lander 2. Sky diver – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 3. Video Pinball 4. Code Breaker


Super Breakout Pack) 1. Super Breakout 2. Breakout – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 3. Off – the – Wall 4. Circus Atari – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER


Tempest Pack) 1. Tempest – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 2. Tempest 2600 – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 3. Outlaw 4. Atari Video Cube


Majar Havoc Pack) 1. Major Havoc 2. Secret Quest 3. Sentinel 4. Yars Revenge – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER


Warlords Pack) 1. Warlords – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 2. Warlords 2600 3. Combat – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 4. Combat 2 – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER


Adventure Pack) 1. Adventure 2. Haunted House 3. Return to Haunted House 4. Save Mary


Tic-Tac-Toe Pack) 1. 3d Tic-Tac-Toe 2. A game of concentration 3. Backgammon 4. Brain Games


Fatal Run Pack) 1. Fatal Run 2. Dodge ‘Em 3. Night Driver 4. Street Racer – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER


Quadrun Pack) 1. Quadrun 2. Slot Racers – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 3. Stellar Track 4. Math Gran Prix


Casino Pack) 1. Casino – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 2. Slot Machine 3. Video Checkers 4. Video Chess


Sword Quest Pack) 1. Swordquest Earthworld 2. Swordquest Fireworld 3. Swordquest Waterworld 4. Sprintmaster


Championship Soccer Pack) 1. Championship Soccer – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 2. Golf 3. Double Dunk 4. Basketball


Football Pack) 1. Football – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 2. Home Run 3. Miniature Golf 4. Bowling


Real Sports Basketball Pack) 1. Realsports Basketball – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 2. Realsports Boxing – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER  3. Realsports Tennis – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 4. Realsports Baseball – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER


Real Sports Football Pack) 1. Realsports Football – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 2. Realsports Soccer – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 3. Realsports Vollyball – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER 4. Video Olympics – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER


Battlezone Pack) 1. Battlezone 2600 2. Super Breakout 2600 3. Super Baseball 4. Super Football


Hangman Pack) 1. Hangman 2. Black Jack 3. Steeplechase


Sadly many of the iTune’s reviews have been less than stellar with accusations of giving a free app with one game and then trying to sell game packs. Missing mega hits like River Raid and Pitfall. And having poor graphics and controls.


Allow me to say, these reviewers just don’t get it. Of course Atari will try to sell game packs, why in the world would they want to spend good money to develop an app and put 100 proprietary games on it for free?


Missing River Raid and Pitfall? This nincompoop doesn’t realize neither one of those games were owned by Atari. They were Activision titles.


Poor graphics and controls? These games are 25 to 30 years old, they are classics. If you’re expecting a revamped Missile Command or a Hi Res Asteroids you wont find it here my friend. These are the unadulterated originals, at best you’ll find the controls have been modernized to play on the iPhone and iPad. This of course is necessary as there is no 9-pin input to plug an Atari 2600 joystick into one of these devices (yet).


All-in-all, the Atari’s Greatest Hits app is solid, and is recommended for any classic Atari fan who wants to play some retro games on the go.


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