Cirqus Voltaire – The Pinball Arcade (PS3) – Crooooow Plays

Author: Croooow111  //  Category: Home, Longplays

Episode #216
Cirqus Voltaire is a very interesting Pinball Table in that the dot matrix display is not in the headboard, but below the glass instead. What this means for the simulation of this table is that the HUD of the dot matrix display is not necessary as the display can be seen just fine in any of the display modes making this table simulation very unique as it can put you more in the action. The table itself is very fun and theme after a three ring circus headed up by an evil Ringmaster. The gimmicks, layout, and lights are very unique on this table and it’s fun to come back to again and again.
The Pinball Arcade was developed and published by Farsight Studios in 2012.

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