Commodore 64 on the iPhone and iPad

Author: John Pio  //  Category: News

Manomio has fought long and hard to get their Commodore 64 app on the Apple iTunes store and after a rocky start they succeeded in getting the app listed with it’s ability to run C64 basic as well as games from its library. Now at version 2.1 we see that Manomio has added more downloadable games and some keyboard tweaking.
With nearly 50 games that can run on the app, many of which are free including Datasoft’s 1984 classic, Bruce Lee, it’s clear to see why SlidetoPlay fans voted it game of the year. Other titles are downloaded through the app at a cost of .99 to $1.99 for the more popular titles like Space Taxi and Boulder Dash.
The Apple app store: Commodore 64 for iOS
Manomio’s website:

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