David Crane Kickstarts a Jungle Adventure

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It’s been 30 years since David Crane envisioned a jungle explorer named Pitfall Harry swinging over bogs filled with deadly crocodiles. David Crane is known as many things in the classic gaming realm, a pioneer, a visionary, an advocate but most of all the creator of Pitfall!.


Today the ownership of Pitfall! falls in the hands of Activison, a little company that David Crane co-founded in 1979 but hasn’t been a part of for years now. Activision has just released a “Temple Run” type game and slapped the Pitfall! name on it. Pitfall! for iOS This is no way to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the second best selling Atari 2600 title with over 4 million copies sold.


At this year’s Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas David Crane announced he will be seeking a return to the jungle with a new creation, tentatively titled Jungle Adventure. But like so many other independent game developers he and his team are turning to Kickstarter to raise $900,000 by Sept 15, 2012. That’s not a whole lot of time. Of course as per usual contributors to the Jungle Adventure project get certain perks depending on the level of funding they agree to. From a free copy of the game to having your face immortalized on a giant stature in the games Hall of Kings.



So as Activision takes one of the most beloved titles of the second and third generation console systems and squanders it for a quick buck by trying to mimic the success of the Imangi Studios’ Temple Run. The actual “spirit” of Pitfall! still dwells in the heart of David Crane. With the help of pledges from fans and supporters Mr. Crane hopes to release Jungle Adventure on the Mac and PC by December 2013 with mobile systems if the funding is there. The Jungle Adventure Kickstarter page. Let’s hope so.

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  1. Mike Panter Says:

    I’ve always liked Pitfall games for some stange reason. I’m glad some of these old titles are getting a second look by many original creators. Wonder if you could get this guy onf the Hot Reset Radio Podcast that would be a very interesting conversation. Even if you just had a short segment interview, I would love to hear some of the ideas behind the creation of Pitfall

  2. John Pio Says:

    Now that would be awesome, but I think David Crane would rather talk to Forbes magazine than the three amigos on Hit Reset Radio. But it’s worth a shot.

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