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Episode #248
Currently, Fist of the North Star is my favorite anime series, but back when this game was released, I had never heard of it. I remember gaming magazines advertising for this game, but the advertisements didn’t even have any screenshots to go along with it. It wasn’t until several years later when I was introduced to the series by way of the mid-80’s animated feature film, and it was also the very first anime style film I had ever seen, but I never really figured out what the game was about. In retrospect, it seems really odd that they would port the game to the US at the time they did since most American wouldn’t be familiar with the source material. Even stranger is the fact that a Fist of the North star NES game also exists while the games on the Sega systems (Black Belt & Last Battle) were originally Fist of the North Star games altered to remove connection to the series in the US.
Fist of the North Star for the Game Boy was published by Electro Brain in 1990.

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