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Episode #213
Funhouse was release as part of the Table Pack #2 for The Pinball Arcade. I’ve played this one a few times in real life, but not as much as the version that was in The Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection. Once again, the change in the ball physics kind of throws me off, but not as much as Medieval Madness did. Since making this video, I’ve been able to adjust and collect all of the Standard and Wizard goals again as I’ve done in the previous game.
The Pinball Arcade was developed and published by Farsight Studios in 2012.

2 Responses to “Funhouse – The Pinball Arcade (PS3) – Crooooow Plays”

  1. Neokenjiro Says:

    Are these virtual pinball games only arcade dlc? I was figuring buying these pinball games is simular to the retro arcade on xbox, you purchase the virtual pinball games and insert them into your virtual arade. Not sure if this is right but I would have loved to see all these virtual pinball games in a true CD release. Mind explaining if these are singular games or a package of dlc with a bunch of virtual pins?

  2. Croooow111 Says:

    The Pinball Arcade is a DLC release available for many platforms. It’ll appear for free and you can sample any of the available tables up to a certain score. If you want to purchase the tables, I think the first four can be purchased individually or in a group, and after that the remaining tables can be purchased in packs of two.

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