Hundreds of Console Video Game Music Songs

Author: John Pio  //  Category: Home, News

We all have our favorite music from games we’ve played for hours on end years ago. Maybe yours is Sunleth Waterscape from Final Fantasy XIII, Suicide Mission from Mass Effect 2 or maybe it’s the upbeat tempo of Mega Man 2’s Doctor Willys Castle? We’ve all got them in the back our heads. (We might not know the actual song titles, but just play a few notes and we’re right back in front of the TV mashing buttons.)


Now wouldn’t it be cool if someone took the time to catalog many of those great tunes in a quick and easy format? That would be awesome! If you just Click HERE you’ll be taken to a directory page within where all that audio goodness are kept as .swf files for instant play.


You can literally enjoy 100’s and 100’s of console games (I think I might have seen some PC games there too) music from most every console from the third generation on up all conveniently listed alphabetically for you.


3 Responses to “Hundreds of Console Video Game Music Songs”

  1. Red Says:

    This is really cool. I just wish they were in a different audio format so I could load them onto my iPod and listen to them on the go.

  2. Neokenjiro Says:

    Thanks John! I’ll be sure to use this! A few soundtracks on here I’ve been looking to listen to

  3. John Pio Says:

    I just start it up at a random song on my laptop as I do my daily routine around the office. Sure beats listening to the radio. (Does anyone still do that anymore?)

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