KRULL – The Movie, Arcade and Atari 2600 Games

Author: John Pio  //  Category: Reviews

Gottleib, the makers of Q*bert designed the arcade version of KRULL. It was a dual joystick game, very much like William’s Robotron. The game had five levels that repeated with increased difficulty each time you defeated the Beast.


The Atari 2600 version lacked the graphics of the arcade version but it without a doubt can hold its own. By cleverly using timed elements, and taking advantage of the film’s plotline of a randomly appearing fortress, the Atari designers created an engaging game.


All-in-all, KRULL the film is a fantastic “save the princess” adventure. It features a hideous villain, a noble hero and heroine and a magical weapon, the Glaive – a razor lined throwing star. James Horner creates a fantastic musical score and a young Liam Neeson co-stars in this action packed romp. If you haven’t seen KRULL the movie, I hope this review will convince you to do so.

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