Let’s Compare ( Rush’n Attack )

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Rush’n Attack, originally released in Japan and Europe as Green Beret (グリーンベレー?)(gurīnberē), is an action/platform arcade game released by Konami in 1985. Rush’n Attack is remembered for its Cold War setting (the title is a play on “Russian attack”) and its reliance on the player using a knife to dispatch enemies. A sequel was released for the arcades titled M.I.A.: Missing in Action in 1989. So ! Let’s Compare all the versions !

2 Responses to “Let’s Compare ( Rush’n Attack )”

  1. Neokenjiro Says:

    Very intersting, I didn’t know there were so many versions of this game out there. The amount of variations shows that people really did fidn this game to be amazing during its day.

  2. GamingHistorySource Says:

    It was a bit disappointing to me when I began putting this video together at just how many bad versions of the game there were. :(

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