MegaRace (3DO) – Crooooow Plays

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Episode #226
MegaRace was one of those games I used to have for my “Multimedia” PC back in the early 90’s. Although I had to tweak my DOS settings with a special boot disk just to get the game to (barely) run, I had a good time with it because I had never seen that much FMV in a game before. Although the FMV was cheesy, I enjoyed it and it was worth playing the game again and again just to see it and see how far I could get. However, as FMV games because more and more common, this one kind of faded away and was forgotten about, until I came across the chance to purchase a copy complete in box for the 3DO. There was no way I was going to let that opportunity pass me by. This video footage is actually my first experience playing the game for the 3DO.
MegaRace for the 3DO was developed and published by Mindscape in 1994.

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