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Episode #212
I originally came across Revengers of Vengeance at the Midwest Gaming Expo in early 2012 at one of the vendor booths and I was immediately intrigued by the games bizarre title. Not being a relatively cheap title, I wanted to take some time thinking if I actually wanted to purchase the title, but before I could come to a decision, the game was sold. A few weeks later, I wound up purchasing the game off of ebay just because I couldn’t get over the title. The game itself is a rather mediocre fighting game as you’ll see in the video, but the title of this game makes it worth having in my collection. Interestingly enough, in Japan, this game is titled Battle Fantasy, which still slightly bizarre, isn’t nearly as strange as the US title. I wonder why it was changed to something so cheesy.
Revengers of Vengeance for the Sega CD was developed by Micronet and published by Extreme Entertainment Group in 1994.

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  1. Neokenjiro Says:

    I would say game is still to pick up considering the great soundtrack. Croooow do you know if the games soundtrack is playable in a cd player. Anyways great review!

  2. Croooow111 Says:

    Took me a while to try it out, but yes, the soundtrack is playable by popping the disc in a cd player.

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