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Episode #235
Back in the PS2 days, Frequency and Amplitude were among my most played games. Following up from those two games Harmonix developed the mega hit game Guitar Hero and the way I see it, got stuck creating sequel after sequel moving on to Rock Band and creating three games in that series. While the games were fun to play, especially in a crowd setting, I still liked Frequency and Amplitude better since you didn’t need any plastic instruments to play them, and there was a bit of strategy involved in going for a high score. Fortunately, Harmonix has recently released the downloadable only title, Rock Band Blitz which is more reminiscent of Frequency and Amplitude while being able to use all of the music that was downloaded for the Rock Band series. That, to me, was a day one purchase.
Rock Band Blitz for the XBox 360 was developed and published by Harmonix in 2012.

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