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Episode #218
Something about Silpheed through me off the first time I played it and for some reason I was under the impression I didn’t like the game. But coming back to it again I find I was wrong and this game is actually quite the enjoyable shoot’em up. Part of the twist to this game is that the background are acutally FMV video, but instead of trying to make it look too realistic which would result in grainy footage, the background are kept simple with the appearance of low texture polygons which were prevelent at the time. Not only does this makes it difficult to see that the backgrounds are FMV, but also makes it appear that the Sega CD was more capable of what it actually was.
Silpheed for the Sega CD was developed by Game Arts and published by Sega in 1993.

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  1. Mike Panter Says:

    WOW! This game looks amazing! For many years I’ve actually wanted to buy this game but had never bothered looking up gameplay. How amazing are those explosions (purple lines and circles)? The other thing I really love is the base talking into the cockpit. I’ll be picking this one up as soon as I can find a copy

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