Tetris DX (Game Boy Color) – Crooooow Plays

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Episode #237
When the original Game Boy was released, the pack-in game was Tetris, and quite honestly, it was probably the best choice for a game Nintendo could have selected and it probably helped to sell a lot of systems. I know it was probably my most played game on the system. However, for most of the mid to late 90’s I wasn’t really paying attention to the handheld market, so I was very unfamilar with the Game Boy Color and it’s line up of games. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found out about this upgraded version of Tetris for the Game Boy Color thanks to JerryTerrifying. So when I found a copy, I snatched it up curious to see how much this game really improves over the original Game Boy offering.
Tetris DX for the Game Boy Color was developed and published by Nintendo in 1998.

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