Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar U4E BioWare Set to Reboot Britannia

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“Eeeeeeeee!” That’s me squealing like a giddy school girl. Because my all time favorite computer role playing game series, Ultima, is being rebooted to a free-to-play title by no less a powerhouse than Bioware Mythic. As a CRPG the Ultima series innovated and dominated the field for over 15 years during the 80’s and into the 90’s with over 10 titles. In 1993 Electronic Arts acquired Origin Systems, the makers of Ultima and many other well loved titles like the Wing Commander series. Now after years of sitting on the franchise EA has given BioWare Mythic the green light to bring the Ultima landscape back to life. “Eeeeeeeee!”


Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar will be BioWare Mythic’s ambitious and loving attempt to bring us back to the lands of Britannia. It will be centered around 1985’s Ultima IV, the ground breaking game that introduced morality, virtues and the concept of the Avatar to us. You will have the choice of being a Fighter or a Mage with classes like Paladins and Druids to be added later. Visually it will be an isometric view reminiscent of Baldur’s Gate with combat similar to Diablo.


The game will truly be free-to-play with no roadblocks to prevent you from succeeding. In game purchases will only be for completely optional items. And the pièce de résistance is it will support cross-platform play between PC and iPad. Play with other party members at home, and take it on the go on your tablet.


A generation of gamers have never had the pleasure of traipsing around the town of Trinsic or the forest city of Yew, or to face the evils of dungeons like Deceit and Shame. BioWare Mythic now has the chance and ability to herald in a new Avatar and with the hopeful success of Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, even more in depth releases for the future. For now U4E is said to be almost complete and will need beta testers in the very near future. Sign up at the Ultima Forever website to be part of the beta here: Ultima Forever


Journey Onward.

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