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Episode #238
I remember going into GameStop one day, looking for a game to add to my GBA collection and finding this new title sitting on the shelf. I hadn’t heard of this game before and it was by Nintendo and the packaging intrigued me, so I took a chance and made the purchase. I’m glad I did. As the title suggested, this is a compilation of many, many micro games. What’s a micro game? It’s like a mini game, except quicker and shorter in length. You’re presented with a micro game, given a few seconds to figure out what to do and do it, then as soon as the game is over, you’re presented with a new game. The process continues and gets faster and harder until you’ve failed a certain amount of games. It was a new and inventive idea at the time, and I’m certainly glad I took a chance on it.
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! for the Game Boy Advance was developed and published by Nintendo in 2003.

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