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Some Acceptable Article Topics Are:

  • Articles must be relevant to the scope and content of i.e. video game related in some way;
  • Retro¬† games, console systems, arcade games, pinball machines, handhelds and modern games and systems are all viable topics;
  • News from insiders, trade shows and conferences. (sources must be given);
  • Codes, walk-throughs, cheats, and how-to’s;
  • Technical, hardware setups, trouble shooting systems and games;
  • Game and system reviews and commentary;



  • Do not violate other people’s copyrights or trademarks;
  • Be mindful of grammar and spelling;
  • Do not liable any person or corporation;
  • Please fill all tags properly, i.e. game name, developer, type of game etc;
  • Articles should be between 300 to 900 words in length;
  • Any images submitted must be created by you (scanned or screen capture of game play) and not taken from other websites;
  • Please check all your facts. i.e. Pac-Man was not released in 1932;

After submitting your article it will be reviewed. Should something be out of compliance with our requirements you will be notified so you may correct it. will not alter your article. Once it is accepted it will be published on for the gaming community to enjoy.

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